Who We Are

Progressive Farming For a Progressive Planet

Our Story

As a not-for-profit arm of Agventure, our focus lies on building farmer capabilities within the broadacre, arable farming community in Kenya and beyond.

Since 2010, we have continued establishing sustainable and profitable conservation agricultural practices, successfully transitioning Kenya’s most potential farming regions. Our dedicated team of field officers and trainers partner with farmers to help them understand and incorporate crop rotation in their farming strategies and familiarise themselves with the technical aspects of agronomy, including responsible growing techniques and input logistics from field to market. This way, we ensure farm transparency while solving rising challenges as we grow new crops together.

Our Purpose

We exist to make agriculture sustainable for the future of healthy farming and food production. Farmers today face a lot of pressure to produce more food, and with increased demand comes a higher risk of soil damage, hence the need for practical and reliable solutions for food production and farming.

We guarantee an all-rounded approach that ensures broadacre, arable, and mechanizable farms enjoy access to independent support and education. At COE, we believe in future-focused farming that adapts to our planet’s ongoing changes.