Conservation Agriculture

Progressive Farming For a Progressive Planet

Conservation Agriculture

We lead through a farming system that promotes the regeneration of degraded land, reduces soil disturbance and ensures permanent soil cover.

At our Centre of Excellence, we forefront Conservation Agriculture—a game-changing farming system for Sustainable Agriculture and environmental preservation. We rejuvenate land, minimize soil disruption, and nurture biodiversity through advanced practices, harmonizing farming with the planet for future generations.


Key Tenets of Conservation Agriculture:

Regenerating Degraded Land

We’re committed to revitalizing land health using innovation and research-based methods. Our goal is to undo conventional agriculture’s damage, promote biodiversity, enhance water retention, and build a resilient ecosystem.

Reducing Soil Disturbance

Traditional practices like tillage harm soil, causing erosion, organic loss, and carbon emissions. Conservation Agriculture uses no-till or reduced tillage to maintain soil structure, boost water infiltration, curb erosion, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Ensuring Permanent Soil Cover

In Conservation Agriculture, a vital pillar is continuous ground cover. Through crop residues, cover crops, and agroforestry, we shield soil from erosion, evaporation, and temperature shifts. This promotes soil fertility and carbon storage, vital for sustainable farming.

Our Work

At the Centre of Excellence, we are dedicated to advancing the adoption of Crop Rotation and Diversification by implementing the following activities:

1. Research & Demonstration

Our expert agronomists research crop combinations and rotations for various zones. On-farm demos highlight diversification and rotation advantages, urging farmers to adopt these practices.

2. Training & Capacity Building

We offer farmers training on crop rotation and diversification principles. Empowering them with skills, our programs enable effective implementation on their farms.

3. Knowledge Dissemination

Through workshops, we share research findings and success stories, promoting sustainable farming for wider adoption.