Crop Rotation and Diversification

Progressive Farming For a Progressive Planet

Conservation Agriculture

Our agricultural practice naturally enhances soil health through strategies such as increasing biomass from diverse crops, disrupting pest cycles, and promoting biodiversity.

At the Centre of Excellence, we are committed to revolutionizing agriculture through the implementation of innovative and sustainable farming practices. Our focus on Crop Rotation and Diversification is at the heart of our practice to promote soil health, enhance crop resilience, and foster a more biodiverse and sustainable agroecosystem.


Key Tenets of Conservation Agriculture:

Boosting Biomass via Diverse Rooted Crops

We optimize land use and soil health through strategic crop rotation and diversification, tapping into varied root systems for nutrient cycling and preventing compaction, resulting in increased biomass and improved plant growth.

Interrupting Pest Cycles.

Diverse crop rotations disrupt pest cycles, reducing chemical use, promoting natural pest control, and fostering a balanced farm ecosystem.


Crop diversification boosts biodiversity, fostering a balanced ecosystem that reduces crop failure risk, enhances soil health, and promotes natural pest control.

Our Work

At the Centre of Excellence, we are dedicated to advancing the adoption of Crop Rotation and Diversification by implementing the following activities:

1. Research & Demonstration

Our expert agronomists research crop combinations and rotations for various zones. On-farm demos highlight diversification and rotation advantages, urging farmers to adopt these practices.

2. Training & Capacity Building

We offer farmers training on crop rotation and diversification principles. Empowering them with skills, our programs enable effective implementation on their farms.

3. Knowledge Dissemination

Through workshops, we share research findings and success stories, promoting sustainable farming for wider adoption.