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Conservation Agriculture

We understand that fertile soils are the foundation of our food supply. They are the answer to where and how we can grow food despite changing climate conditions.

We appreciate the vital role that fertile soils play in sustaining global food supply. We recognize that fertile soils form the very foundation of agriculture, providing the answer to where and how we can grow food, even in the face of changing climate conditions. Our commitment to soil health is rooted in the understanding that nurturing and preserving this precious resource is essential for ensuring food security, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of future generations.


Soil Health: The Bedrock of Agriculture

Nourishing the Foundation of Food Supply

As the backbone of agriculture, fertile soils are fundamental to sustaining food production. Healthy soils provide the nutrients, water, and support that crops need to flourish, ensuring abundant harvests and a reliable food supply to meet the needs of a growing global population.

Adapting to Changing Climate Conditions

Climate change challenges agriculture via extreme events, temperature rise, and shifting precipitation. Soil health boosts resilience, helping farmers adapt and maintain food production amidst unpredictability.

Enhancing Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Healthy soils host diverse microorganisms, promoting nutrient cycling, pest control, and ecosystem health. This boosts biodiversity, curbs chemicals, and fosters balanced, sustainable agroecosystems.

Our Work

The Centre of Excellence for Soil Health is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of sustainable soil management through a range of initiatives:

1. Research and Innovation.

Our team of agronomists conducts practical research to better understand soil health and the factors that influence it. We explore novel techniques for soil assessment, conservation, and restoration, striving to develop innovative solutions that promote healthy soils and sustainable agriculture.

2. Capacity

We actively engage with farmers, and other stakeholders, providing training and education on soil health management practices. By empowering individuals with knowledge and skills, we foster the adoption of sustainable soil management techniques at the grassroots level.

3. Community Outreach

We work closely with local communities to raise awareness about the importance of soil health and its connection to food security and environmental sustainability. Through workshops, field demonstrations, and farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange, we promote the widespread adoption of soil-friendly practices.