The Canola Story

Progressive Farming For a Progressive Planet

Conservation Agriculture

It all started with Canola

Since 2010, Canola has proven to be widely instrumental in commercial rotations, offering benefits every farmer desires, including its deep rooting structure, resistance to cereal diseases and incredible interruption of pest cycles. Having started out as Agventure, we initially focused on processing Canola for its endless benefits. In 2012, Unilever commissioned us to grow Canola for their new BlueBand project, with their interest mainly focused on making Canola a flagship story for Conservation Agriculture. We made that feasible, and this only inspired us to do more. As Centre of Excellence, we take pride in the farming excellence our farmers to enjoy today, acknowledging the trust we have acquired throughout all our processes, with not just one, but all our crops. Our rotation crops are guaranteed under contract – and we look forward to broadening our portfolio to include pulses, sunflowers and others.