Water Conservation

Progressive Farming For a Progressive Planet

Conservation Agriculture

We play a significant role in sustaining our natural resources of fresh water, keen to protect the hydrosphere to meet our needs today and for generations to come.

Central to our mission is fostering sustainable, high-quality food production. Responsible water management is a cornerstone for meeting growing demands while protecting our planet. Water Conservation underpins our efforts, optimizing usage for agricultural productivity and ecological resilience.


Key Tenets of Conservation Agriculture:

Ensuring Quality & Healthy Food Production

Amid climate shifts, prioritizing healthy food, we advocate water conservation for optimal crop hydration, robust plants, and safe, nutritious yields.

Meeting the Demands of Growing Populations

With a growing global population, Sustainable Agriculture retains water in soils, meeting food demand while nurturing future farming. Our approach ensures a resilient food supply chain amid population growth and climate shifts.

Enhanced Farming Knowledge & Practice

Our team shares water conservation research, tech, and practices via workshops and farmer training, empowering efficient, productive agriculture.

Our Work

To achieve our objectives, the Centre of Excellence for Water Conservation focuses on the following key activities:

1. Research & Innovation.

Our team of experts conducts groundbreaking research to understand the complexities of water availability, soil-water dynamics, and the impact of water management practices on crop health. We continually strive to develop innovative water-saving technologies and sustainable farming practices that enhance food production while preserving water resources.

2. Training and Education.

We are committed to empowering farmers with the knowledge and skills needed to implement water conservation techniques effectively. Through practical training sessions, workshops, and educational outreach, we build the capacity of farmers to make informed decisions about water use and management.